The mid-September garden update, part 1

My dining room is finally sorta clean!  Okay, this was a day or three ago.  Now there’s a Squeezo box on the floor under the coats, and a school binder and my house/recipe binder on the table along with some library books.  But still.  There’s a floor!

What the kitchen looked like earlier today.  I’ve since gotten most of the canning stuff put away, including the big pear box in the foreground there.  Those boxes are great for holding the full jars of whatever canned goodies are the latest.

So yeah, this year’s garden kinda sucked.  Sure, we’ve gotten a few things, but meh.  Didn’t have the time/drive/energy to do it all.  Next year I can crack the whip on my older ones, and hopefully they won’t make as big a mess of things as they currently do.

Yeah, see anything on that tree?  Oof.  And I still haven’t had a chance to go out and pick/thin some to make pectin.

Hubby’s projects.  We like being prepared.  Like various savings accounts. 

Ferny asparagus.  I really should cut them down soon and weed it, but who knows what I’ll get done.  Odds are it’ll look like this, but mushy, in the spring.

Bad year for blackberries.  Even the berry place next county over had a bad year.  So, good to know it wasn’t just me.  At least we still have a few live ones!

Cinderblock bed has dried up.  Hopefully we (well, I mean hubby I suppose) will get the drip irrigation going again.

You can see the overgrown everything.  And not necessarily overgrown in a good way.

Tribute strawberry bed.  With some going-to-seed mesclun/lettuce in the corner.

Again.  You can kinda see the blueberry bush in the bottom left corner.

Raspberries gone wild.  They’re taking over the world.

Happy grape vine.

The sad apple tree in the backyard with minimal apples on it.

Close up of really cute grapes.


One thought on “The mid-September garden update, part 1

  1. Oooh I love when you post photos man that house is clean! I do not know how you do it girl .I had one child over the last 5 days and she makes such a mess! will you do any canning in the winter? do you can much meat? Not sure how much time I will have this winter with the grand babies around.It is hard to believe summer is almost over..

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