Just not feeling so bloggy…

So I wait until I finally upload photos.  This is kind of a ghetto scrapbook sometimes.  Whatever works.

Haul from last Saturday.  The girl got her own (purple!) “market bag” since mommy has her own market bag.  Garlic that I still need to roast, basil that has a purpose, and of course, a cookie.
Then, went and saw the neighbors.  The elderly lady is just lovely, and gave us those three cool-whip tubs full of elderberry juice and the lovage in the ‘market bag.’  The lovage is now hanging above my head because I was too lazy to put it in the dehydrator or microwave. 
Question of the day – can I use lovage instead of celery in soup stocks?  Because I think I can take a cutting or part of her plant later on here…

We also got some aprons.  The red one was a birthday gift for a friend, the green one for the girl.  She was beyond thrilled, and has already used it two or three times in the last week.  Hey, whatever works.

And after the farmer’s market they had to have yogurt of course.  Well, and then dive into her own cookie, but I try to make them eat at least something healthy first.

Last homeschooly order for a while.  Well, except for some wall thingies.  I’ll get into that later.  So far I’m loving that crazy dot-printed organizer/planner.  We’ll see how it does the rest of the year.  Got more FIAR books and the manuals, got Life of Fred for the 7yo to try out, some alphabet dice (think of the possibilities!), printing books for all, coloring books (I plan to make copies on the printer, keep the coloring books intact), and a world map to match our US map.

He was helping me make dinner.  Peachy Keen Chicken over at OAMM if you’re curious.  And the rice to go with it?  Use white rice.  Brown rice just. doesn’t. work. 

This was also math.  He was adding and subtracting.  I had him messing around with the peach slices, and after the fact I asked him if he knew what he was doing.  When I told him in a conspiratorial whisper that he was doing math, he gave me the biggest grin because, well, it was fun.  So cute.

He did this on his own.

Must’ve had some sort of prize down there…

*snort*  Ah, kid flexibility.

The canning I put away tonight.  Had 28 pints of pearsauce (1 didn’t seal I think?) and 7 pints of pear jam (two didn’t seal, will redo those this week, for now they’re in the fridge).  I’m less and less impressed with the disposable canning lids…  I seem to have more failures with them than with the Tattler lids.  Huh.

Today’s haul from the yard.  I only picked the ripe tomatoes.  My Alaska Fancy bushes have a boatload of green tomatoes on them, holy smokes.  That reminds me, I need to get going on relish shortly…

Those potatoes were only from one or two plants.  I didn’t dig a whole lot, I was just really curious to see what was down there.

My fabulous hubby took a road trip today and came home with a full vehicle.

Yes, the seat cover is over a decade old.  Yes, I know we need to replace it.  Badly.  One of these days…
In case you wanted to know how much produce you can shove into a Geo Prizm.

Poor little car.

And here’s what the homeschool room looks like right now. 
That’s right, a little less homeschool, a little more produce truck.


2 thoughts on “Just not feeling so bloggy…

  1. I would have danced a big happy dance if my husband came home with such a bounty! I would have dropped dead from a heart attack if he offered to help put them up…lol! Seriously though, Where did he go to find such a great find?

  2. @born2late – He went a few hours away to a place that does a ton of growing in the area – might’ve been on his way across the state for work.  Kind of like a banana belt so to speak, so they have a longer, more mild growing season that up north here in my yard.  Until I can manage to get and keep peach trees alive, yeah. 

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