Fair ribbons, rosehips and Saskatoon berries

Why yes, I entered the fair this year.  Out of 34 entries?  I got 20 ribbons.

11 blue (1st place) ribbons, 6 red (2nd place) ribbons, 3 white (3rd place) ribbons.  The irony?  Most of my blue ribbons were for dehydrated goodies that were my last-minute add-ons to fair entries because, well, I had them in the pantry.  Hah.  Oh, and they really liked my dandelion raspberry syrup.  The random accidental thing is the one that ends up rocking.  Figures.

Harvest from the yard on August 30th.  Parsley under the strawberries, giant tub full of basil under the blueberries.

Harvest from the forest today.  In the buckets?  Huckleberries on the left, thimbleberries on the right.

CSA box this week.

Looked poisonous.  So I wanted a photo so I could go ID it later.  Sure enough, it’s called Devil’s Club, and can have a whole host of unpleasant things happen when ingested.

Rosehips.  Turns out a friend has tons and tons of them, so I’m going to talk her into a rosehip picking party.  I know I can use rosehips for something, I’m just not sure yet.

Came across these.  Was intrigued.

So I took pictures and hubby snagged a branch for me to bring home.

Turns out they’re Saskatoon berries.  Or serviceberries.

I’m going to call them Saskatoon berries.  I think it sounds cooler.

And because I’m all kinds of wacky, after I plucked the berries off, I clipped the end off the branch so it was a fresh wound, stuck it in water for a little bit, dipped in rooting hormone, then plopped in a little pot on my windowsill.  We’ll see what happens.  I wouldn’t mind extra free food in my yard, I’m okay with that.


2 thoughts on “Fair ribbons, rosehips and Saskatoon berries

  1. Wow, you must really be pining for spring with this theme! lolIt’s so awesome that you got all those ribbons! but I am not at all surprise. you rock pretty hard, girl!(I’m just catching up on xanga blogs–long overdue!)

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