Oh yes, it’s harvest time

Oh, and school time.  Again.  Oof.  I may partly delay it for a month because of harvest time, actually.  Just kinda do a few things here and there in the meantime.

The last of the diced tomatoes.  20 pints, but one didn’t seal right, so it’s in the fridge.  Not sure whether I want to try re-canning the two pints in there or just making dinner with them at some point.

That’s right, I made my own celery salt.  Did you know finding a celery salt recipe/ratio is pretty darned difficult?  Welp, this is about 2.5-3 parts salt to 1 part celery seed.  Ish.  I had to keep eyeballing it to see what I thought it should look like.  I had my own homegrown and harvested celery seed and my own fabulous salts at home, so why go out and buy it?

I took the 5yo grocery shopping with me today.  He needed some mommy time, and he loves the little grocery carts at the store.  We sure stuffed that thing though, there were some big-ish things I needed to snag. 

But then, I saw pears on sale.  Rather than hope it wasn’t a daily special (I don’t think it was, but I wasn’t about to take that chance), I flagged down a produce clerk to ask if I could get a few boxes.  Confused her at first, but it worked out.  Eighty-four pounds of pears.  Last year I got seven boxes, so I’m taking it easy with just three boxes this year.  Now to give them several days to finish ripening, then it shall be a pear extravaganza.

Some little fun we had this last week.  Got ahold of a local heating and sheet metal shop.  They cut and bent over the edges on a big 40″x80″ sheet for me.  It does make a little funny sound there in the middle because it’s such a large sheet and we didn’t put a screw or anything in the middle (to keep it smooth), but there’s worse things.  Whee for magnets!   

Have a few other things up my sleeve, but one thing at a time.  See that little string of magnets on the side of the trunk?  I’d gotten out all the little lower case magnet letters and just threw them up on the sheet, then I came back later to find the 7yo had put them all by the trunk like that in alphabet order.  Goofball. 


One thought on “Oh yes, it’s harvest time

  1. I picked up a full bag of pears when I went back to the house. I need to lay them on the table to finish ripening. Then it is going to be pear preserves , maybe pear chunks and possibly pear butter. I take an apple butter recipe and substitute pears for the apples or a mix of the two. It is very good.

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