Just normal food storage. *snort*

That’s right, normal.  Ahem.

First up, first batch of diced tomatoes.  Love that the white lidded ones are BPA free.  Can’t say the same of the shiny lidded two, but still.  Glad we were able to get more tomatoes – discovered I only have maybe 3-4 pints of diced tomatoes left over from last year.  Need to amp that up a smidge.

My latest craigslist score.  I’d been thinking and sort of worrying (sort of?) about water storage.  For many reasons.  The most palatable of which is for when our water goes out for a day or two due to a line break and repair.  Once we get these babies set up, those days will be an annoyance, but no biggie.  The kids and I will just lug water around in buckets or pots as needed.  It makes me happy.  I’m weird.


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