It’s been a while.

Between canning and attempting to gear up for school again, I get distracted quite easily.

CSA box two weeks ago.

CSA box last week.

Today’s CSA box.  Well, the cinnamon bread was extra, and totally worth every penny.

The baby is now 18mo.  And still goofy.  He’s started to get tan lines from us letting him outside in the sun.

First bruschetta of the season.

Farmer’s Market haul last weekend.  Some lettuce, cute artichokes for hubby, fresh blueberries, blueberry syrup, garlic parmesan rolls, giant carrots, and preparedness coloring books.
The carrots…  I saw those and had to go look.  My soil’s gotten pretty decent over the years, but never have I gotten carrots that huge before.  So each of the kids had to pick out their own, and the vendor was so amused by it all that she rounded down our total.  😀
The preparedness coloring books…  yeah, I don’t think the gal at the market expected someone like me.  The kids asked what the books were about, and I said it was things like why we have our emergency kits (72 hour kits, bug out bag, whatever you want to call it) and something else.  Apparently the lady there at the booth doesn’t come across many kids that help put together their own emergency kit, let alone know what’s in it and why.  Ahem.

Just a fun height comparison.  Grandma’s 4’10” and barely escapes her state’s booster seat laws (kids must stay in a booster until 4’9″).

Huckleberries were’t all that thick when we went a week and a half ago.  We need to jaunt up to the forest again this week.  Badly.

Harvest from the yard at least a week or so ago.


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