Always canning.

Hubby brought me 60 pounds of fresh caught tuna.  As in, it was caught and filleted on a Tuesday, hubby picked it up that Wednesday, I was canning it on Thursday.

I’m surprised out neighbors haven’t come over to ask us what the hell is wrong with us.  We have all kinds of wacky set ups here.

When it was all said and done.  I have tuna for a good two years or so.

On the tuna run, hubby also got 4 boxes of canning tomatoes, one box of romas, and one box of peaches.  Still working on the tomatoes.

Yup, what my kitchen looks like a fair amount of the time.  Except the peninsula in the foreground is actually quite cleared off in this photo…

Canned bananas… the jury’s still out.  Was disqualified at the fair, and a banana’s pH is lower than green beans.  So I’m a bit…  hesitant to call it a success or anything.  Will email the gal that does them and ask her…

See, now this is usually what my kitchen and dining room look like.  Classy, eh?

Raspberry syrup.  Yum.

Pretty, eh?

Because I was being silly.  Robot arms.  The kids love getting canning rings for me sometimes.

And while on the same tuna run, hubby got me more Tattler lids.  Because, well, odds are I won’t be stopping canning any time soon.  Wonder if they have boxes of just the rings now….

3 thoughts on “Always canning.

  1. I love it!!! How does the fish fryer burner work for keeping the temps high enough or stable enough to pressure can? I have one like that and that was my goal to can outside. I am GREEN with envy at the fresh tuna!  Was it hard to do? How do you like the Tattler lids? I have done banana jam one time. I did not care for the texture. But how will you use these you processed? I have to admit the kitchen is messy but in a great way! I LOVE canning when I get the chance.But we now live in a large fifth wheel and I have to get my storage right so we can store more canned foods.

  2. @born2late – The camp stove is uh-mazing for canning.  It’s propane (so, gas) and has a very constant, even, fabulous heat.  And the canner cools down so freakin’ quick when it’s all said and done.  Otherwise, I have an electric glass-top stove, and because it takes so long for the glass top to cool down, pressure canning takes a bit longer.  It *is* sheltered by our roof overhang there above the front door, so giant gusts of wind don’t affect it as much as if it were totally out in the open.  I’ve been working on hubby to construct some kind of summer kitchen out in the backyard as of late.  :DI love the Tattler lids.  I was telling hubby earlier today that because I’ve gotten so used to them again this season, that the ‘normal’ disposable lids don’t look sealed since they don’t/can’t suck down as much in a vacuum as the Tattlers.  Only drawbacks to the Tattlers are the upfront cost, and that they don’t stack as nicely as the disposable lids (like a regular mouth pint on top of a wide mouth pint with disposable lids stacks really nice – with the Tattlers, it’s a bit more wobbly).  Meh.  I can get cardboard boxes to easier stack/sort all my canned goods in, and no BPA this way, so I’m good with it.  @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – I’ve never paid for Starkist albacore tuna, but this tuna?  Yum.  I *have* to mix the regular Starkist/Chicken of the Sea regular (dark meat) tuna with relish and mayo/miracle whip to even touch it, but this stuff?  I can practically eat plain chunks of.  Super yummy.  And the Oregon Albacore is caught when they’re young, so minimal mercury issues, and it’s a sustainable fishing kind of deal.  Yup, I really, really like where I live.

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