The current nutso to-do list

My poor fridges are not happy with me.  I have a good 50-70 pounds of various produce scattered around that need dealing with.

Bananas I need to can.
Zucchini I need to do something with.
Kale I need to dehydrate.
Beet greens I need to dehydrate. 
Carrots I need to do something with.
Fresh peppers and onions I need to use (going to make and freeze Chicken Louisianne sauce).
Radishes…  I have no idea.
Cucumbers, not sure yet.  Maybe lots of salad for hubby?
Lettuce that needs prepped for eating.
Beets that I need to eat.
Green beans I need to dehydrate.
Basil to dehydrate.
Raspberries to turn into jam and syrup.

And that doesn’t include picking the currently-ripe raspberries in the yard, any of the house/child stuff, figuring out when to harvest the shallots, or the 50-60lbs of tuna and bushels of tomatoes that hubby’s coming home with tomorrow…  yeah.  Oof.  If I get enough done this year, I might take off part of next year canning-wise.  Wish me luck, hopefully the little ones will behave for me without their older brothers around.


3 thoughts on “The current nutso to-do list

  1. I third the question about banana’s!  I generally freeze them.  It’s been a while and i’ve missed reading your blog. We’re off for a few bushels of peaches tomorrow

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