Goofy kids.  We had a giggle and photo fest at night just before tucking them all into bed.

It’s just easier to let him go outside naked, and toss him in the shower when he’s done for the day.  He likes digging and playing with the shovel. 

More jam. 
Strawberry and seedless raspberry on the left.
Huckleberry in the middle.
Seedless raspberry on the right.

We went to a park today that has a cute little stream.

The kids had a blast, can you tell?  And I loved that the kids could find their own toys (random sticks and rocks), splash around in the heat, and I could sit in shade.  Most parks (except this one!) have no trees in a 300ft radius, which I detest because, well, I have the skin of a ghost and I can do without full on heat.  We’ll definitely be hitting this park again. 

The 7yo was tentative at first.  Until he discovered that yeah, it’s only a few inches deep, and the rocks are awfully fun to hop across and play with.

Every time the camera’s out, he has to make himself known.

And then he did this to himself today.  He knows he’s not supposed to run.  Yet there he was, running around the living room and dining room.  And he up and smacked himself up against the dividing wall between them.  Hard.
The bump was so huge I was debating whether I needed to take him to urgent car or something.  So I gave him a few arnica tablets, slathered the bump with arnica cream, and gave him a few drops of rescue remedy.

And here’s the same bump maybe 2-3 hours later.  The bump’s a little greasy from the arnica cream, but still.

I’m even happier about my big ole stocked first aid kit now.  Got the idea to use a tackle box from this lovely lady.  After today, I learned I need some in-between sized band-aids – I had regular/finger or papercut sized ones and giant skinned-knee ones, but nothing the right size for this giant bump.  And more arnica cream and rescue remedy as we’re running low/need more than one.  Live and learn

Little ham.  He’s fine, and maybe he’ll remember not to run in the house for a few weeks.  Until he smacks into something else again.


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