We went to Cabela’s a while ago.  Ahem.  They have fun.  In case you’re wondering, this is one of those camp cots with a tent/net around it.  All four of them climbed up in there at one point for a few seconds before someone came back out.  Yes, Cabela’s is the closest we have to a zoo.  It happens.

She likes her swimsuit.  And she’s now decided she needs the little matching skirt, even if she’s just running around in the backyard avoiding the sprinkler.

Little show off.

July 21st Harvest.

Whoa.  Wasn’t quite expecting that.  July 23rd Harvest.  Something like 3lbs of raspberries?

See?  This is what my living room looks like on and off.  I do absolutely nothing.  Yup, they sure are using the couch as a giant tunnel.

This was lunch the other day.  Chocolate stuffed french toast, with strawberry vanilla bean syrup (aka, jam that didn’t set up like I’d wanted).

CSA week #7.  Beet greens smell kinda funny in the dehydrator.  Still not sure what to do with the swiss chard…


One thought on “Silliness

  1. Love your pics especially of the cutey in her ruffle swim suit.   What a great suit!   Hey my living room looks much worse and the other night our bed as a “cab” of a train complete with controls and a sheet over top so we were close in!  LOLLove it all!!

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