The septic tank saga

Hubby found the septic tank!  Turns out the previous owners actually *did* leave it in the ground for us. 
This was a few weeks ago. 

Just an idea of how far away it is from our concrete “patio.”

Hubby had to do a lot more digging.    That’s the homeschool room window, btw.

See the upright pipe there?  The outdoor cleanout.  That the former owners had buried with weird little garden.  And see that pipe down on the bottom of the trench?  It was broken.  Awesomeness.  So we ended up getting that repaired.

They also added another pipe cleanout for us – in case we get a clog right there at the edge of the septic tank.  And the giant green tube?  So we (well, the awesome hubby) never has to dig again.  Just flip up the 2″ grass toupee, and voila!

Turns out our septic tank is still in pretty good condition.  The guys said we had a foot and a half of sludge in the bottom of the tank.  They prefer to only see 8-10 inches of sludge in the bottom of the tank.  So now, we’re wondering whether the former owners actually did pump the tank…  yeah, we’re now a family of 6, and we do a lot of laundry and dishes and showers and such, but we also almost never use bleach, refuse to use antibacterial soap, I don’t use tampons, etc.  Kinda sounds like the rooter guys weren’t exactly used to people like us that do that kind of thing.  So we’ll see how much sludge we have going on in there in another 5 or so years and we’ll know.


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