Canned bacon and strawberries. Not together. At least, not yet.

Canned bacon on the left, sausage patties and links in the middle, ground sausage, then spinach on the right.
Had a friend over the other day, and just blew her mind at the idea of canning bacon.  Heh.  I’m an interesting friend to have sometimes.

CSA box week 3.

CSA box week 4.

Harvest from the yard a few days ago.

Harvest from the yard the other day.

Since we had Grandpa over for a few days, we took him strawberry picking.  The kids had fun.  And yes, I had all four of them in orange shirts.  Darn skippy it was on purpose.  You ever tried to keep track of four kids at u-pick farms or playgrounds?   Much easier if they’re wearing a less-popular color like orange (stands out from green plants!) or lime green (can’t miss ’em on wooden playground equipment!).

The baby figured things out.  Rather than doing that pesky poking through a bush to pick berries?  He zoomed right in on any nearby full-ish flats that had been already picked.  Including those of neighboring pickers that he wasn’t related to.  Sigh.

48.22 pounds of strawberries.

Yup, canning stuff exploded all over the kitchen.  Happens every year.

First batches of jam. 
Strawberry vanilla bean on the left. 
Regular strawberry freezer in the middle. 
Zero sugar on the right (I’m playing around with stuff).

Second round of jam today.
Regular freezer strawberry jam on the left.
Then regular canned strawberry jam.
Then freezer no-sugar strawberry jam.
Then canned zero-sugar strawberry jam.
Then freezer strawberry-peach jam.

And on to the house decorating advice.
I have these super pretty curtains.  But I’m torn whether to use them downstairs to block off the pantry shelves…

Or to cover the patio door in the dining room. 

Only concern with the patio is that they’re light colored curtains, dry-clean only, and, well, I have four kids.  But they’re pretty, and I’d get to see them every day if they’re upstairs.  I don’t know…


4 thoughts on “Canned bacon and strawberries. Not together. At least, not yet.

  1. what type of canning lids do you use?  those without the rings look cool.  I just use the standard Ball seals and whatever I’ve got for rings laying around.  I’m interested in getting better quality ones though.  

  2. Love the curtain on the patio door 🙂 Love the canning photo’s once again that kitchen looks darn good for having kiddo’s all around 🙂 and canning ect in it 🙂 Looks way too clean ! 🙂 

  3. Wowee!!! Look at all that fantastic canned food.  You are so amazing.   I agree with homessteadtessie….your kitchen is too clean even with all that canning going on.  Upstairs for the curtains but I also would hesitate with sticky fingers. 

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