Yeah, he was having a tantrum.  Or maybe he didn’t get the fly swatter like he wanted.  Whatever.

Poor little guy.

But he has his happy moments.

Grandpa was having a popsicle, and holding the babe in his lap.  So of course the babe decided it was *his* popsicle.

Babe finally learned how to lick it rather than take a bite and do that whole body shiver thing that’s just hilarious.

The 5yo decided he needed photos done of him as well.  He posed in this exact way at least 3-4 times.  The exact same pose.  This kid just keeps cracking me up.

Just a little happy.  With those lady-killer dimples. 

They were playing together.

Such silly little boys.  They’re so much alike (as in, busy, spirited) and they get along so darned well.  The 7yo adores his little brother, it’s really cute.

He knows he’s doing something silly.

Okay.  This face.  He’s a hoot.

She dressed herself. Some of the dress-up costumes I got from a consignment sale that she got for her birthday.  She insisted on the “crown” and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the resulting hairdo.  Kinda looks like big mouse ears, eh?


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