I reorganized the pantry and part of the basement.  It’s not totally done (I still need to repackage up a few years’ worth of sugar), but there’s progress.  This is all I feel comfortable sharing publicly.    Pretty, huh?

Pretty green stuff in the greenhouse.  Need to weed lots of places outside.  One of these days.
Yeah, the spinach is bolting.  I figure I’ll get seeds, so no worries.

Cute little green strawberries.

Lettuces are doing well in the strawberry bed, and the strawberry plants are starting to recover a bit.

Tomato/pepper/basil/pansy bed that I finally got planted this weekend.

Tomato bed.  I’m copying Miss C. this year and trying the Florida Weave way of trellising tomatoes.  Hubby will put in stakes for me in the next week or three.  Whenever we get around to it.

Pretty rainbow we saw when driving around.  There was a lighter second one, but I couldn’t stop the car at the right spot to catch it.  The 7yo kept asking me if there was a pot of gold at the end of it.  Heh.  I wish.

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  1. Love the post! Strawberries are looking so much better :)Things look so good !Love the big buckets witht he handles ones with the red writing on them! so neat can use them in so many ways!

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