Excitement from the weekend

Our neighbors… They’re really nice people, I swear.  But they kinda tried to burn our houses down.
Accidentally, but still.

I swear, not a lot of good comes from deep fat turkey fryers.  That’s the fence between our yards.

Yes, even the fire dept had been called.  The kids were thrilled – a fire truck, practically in front of our house!  Hubby saw the flames, ran out the door with one of our many fire extinguishers (um, we tend to err on the side of caution in case you haven’t noticed yet, so yeah, there’s like 7-8 of them scattered throughout the house), and told them how to put out the fire (spray cold water on the vessel to cool it down, and put the lid on – so the fire doesn’t have as much of the heat and fuel to keep going).  Good thing we were home and not off visiting a grandma or something I suppose.  Anywho.  The graduation girl won’t likely forget this party of hers. 

Onto more boring fun…
I’m now thinking/plotting how to organize yet another thing in the house.  We don’t have a mudroom (I wish we did!).  We basically have two entrances to the house – the back patio door, and the front/garage doors shown below.
I need a spot by both for dirty/muddy shoes and clothes the the kids (and sometimes hubby and I) have.  Since I try to minimize the messes in the house (I know, losing battle what with four kids), I get kinda pissy about them taking off their shoes/boots/muddy pants/whatever the moment they come in the door.  Versus tromping through the house (leaving a trail in their wake).

I need something here on this little wall next to the slider.

(front door – firewood there on the left, closet door to the right that I don’t want to block)

And something here in this little alcove that’s to the side of the entry closet – between the closet and the garage door.  Something slim, little, able to be hosed down (I know my brood), 4-6 baskets/openings/whatever.  Yeah.  I have no idea exactly what I’m looking for either.

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