I made butter!

Pulled from the yard.  I’m getting about this much every few days.  Not exactly full production, but not too shabby, either.  My 2yo likes to proclaim “I like asparagus!”  I think she actually does, too.

I have no idea why I pulled out the camera. Maybe because they were in a goofy mood? 

They’re amusing (and frustrating) sometimes.

The grackle that was in our wood stove.  It managed to wiggle down the pipe and was flying around the inside of the stove and pipe.  Sigh.

But.  Hubby (and so did the rest of us!) learned the butterfly nets MIL got the kids sure comes in handy for catching rogue birds.

Meet Stanley I from the other day.  I think now we’re on Stanley VIII or something.

He and the 2yo girl are the most thrilled about finding the worms.  And seeing how the worms tickle their hands when they hold them, and all kinds of fun stuff.  You know, whatever.  They’re kids, they’re playing outside, and I do believe kids are supposed to do those things like dig up worms.  Bonus is that our garden soil is so good now that you can find a ton of worms even just by digging a little hole for a tomato transplant. 

Went over and talked to some elderly neighbors the other day to catch up.  I only seem to catch them every few years (they do the snowbird thing).  The wife and I started talking about food and canning (her husband bowed out to their shop when we started talking canning), and how she doesn’t can as much as she used to, then I said I’m always on the lookout for more jars since my kids aren’t getting any smaller, and…    They dropped off this nice pile of jars this week.  And I totally needed more wide mouth pints for canning meat and a few other things, too!  So I’ve been rotating them through the dishwasher when I can and frantically trying to find a spot to put the clean jars in the basement.  They also hit yard sales, so when I go over with a few goodies as a thank you I’m thinking of asking her to keep an eye out for folks selling off/getting rid of jars.  Because you just never know…   (and going through 2-3 quarts of fruit a day uses a lot of jars…)

Wanna know what $5000 looks like?  Yup.  We call it the $5K cup/mug.  Because that’s how much it cost us out of pocket.  We didn’t make that mistake again.

Ending on a happy note, I made butter yesterday!  I skimmed the settled cream off the top of a jar of raw milk I got from the farmer’s market, put it in the little half-pint jar, and started shaking.  Don’t ask me how long, I can’t remember.  I put it down every once in a while because, well, my wrist(s) needed a little break.  I’m not really sure why, but I was still kinda surprised/stunned that I could (and actually did!) do it on my own.

So I added some salt (um, don’t ask me the amount, I just added and hoped for the best) and we had fresh butter on fresh-baked homemade rolls with soup last night.  Not too shabby.  I’ll likely use the buttermilk in some waffles later this week(end) and just top off the measurement with other milk if need be.  Still haven’t had the guts to try drinking the raw milk yet to see how it tastes.  I have issues, I know.

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