Memorial Day Weekend

Yeah, we celebrate hardcore here.  Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  Wasn’t lying when I said I have sprinkles for every occasion (well, except maybe a bat mitzvah, but I bet I could mix something up).

I got the boys inexpensive flags from somewhere for them to play with.  They were waving them all around the front yard.  The 5yo discovered he could wave them frantically at cars passing by, and folks would wave and smile.  Nope, he’s not my flirty extrovert, not at all. 

Harvest from sometime last week.

Pretty rainbow I saw while at the library.  By myself.  Ah, to not add screams to the library ambiance…

(btw, the irony? see the grey-roofed building under the end of the rainbow?  that’s the company where hubby used to work – the ones that laid him off)

The front apple tree has gone insane.  It’s so pretty.

The entire front tree there.  Yup, it’s hiding the garage and second story (bedrooms) there.  When Grampa was here visiting he lopped off a lot of the super tall branches for us, which was very nice.  Still need to get to the other two trees back there.

The blossoms have started to drop, as you can see on the ground underneath.

They’re just so pretty.  Very much a pretty spring reminder. 

Now that’s what I like to see.  A few years back I just stood underneath the two apple trees in the front yard, under the shaded canopy with them all leafed out and blossoms everywhere, and about felt the hum from all the happy, busy bees doing their thing.  And yes, you could totally hear the hum of all the bees without even thinking about it, it’s a very busy yard this time of year.  Such a neat experience.

Pretty.  I needed spring.

And some kind of daisies (shasta?) that overwintered.  Or some kind of flower I planted there last year to look cute/pretty for showings that has come back rather than die.  I still love those hardy plants.

The boys also had some fun helping hubby build racks for the truck.

The 7yo took to the impact driver (drill) like it was a part of him.  He thought it was just great.

I barely got these photos – he was so quick, just a vrrr vrrr vrrr and he was done with each bolt.  Very confident and sure of himself.  Who knows – with his love of HGTV and watching Holmes on Homes (did you know it’s on at 9am on Sunday? yeah, he’s enamored with it) I wouldn’t put it past him to be a contractor eventually.

This guy… he’s a little more hesitant to it, but he still liked helping out. 

I think the drill’s still a bit heavy for him and the angle wasn’t the best, but he still got to help.

Need to put them to work when they’re young. 


One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. So hard to believe how they have grown  over these years ! I am sure he will be a contractor some day!it is amazing .Must come natural to him :)Great Photo’s once again šŸ™‚ Always so much fun looking at them ,It takes me on a mini vacation when I see your photo’s šŸ™‚

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