Slowly working on things

First, cuteness.  That’s my anniversary present, too.  I figured he’d fit in it.

The local lake.  Usually you don’t have to swim to the dock.

That is a floating restaurant.  In the last several years I’ve never seen it on much more than a few feet of water.  As in, there’s a good 50+ feet of lake bottom/shoreline that walkway goes over.  The walkway has never been floating since I’ve been out there.  I got the van in the shot so you can see how close the water it to flooding out the parking lot.  Last time I remember this much water?  Was the flooding back in Dec/Jan 1996/97.

Hubby went and helped MIL pack some stuff up.  He ended up bringing home a few bags of spices (she, ahem, ‘keeps’ things sometimes).

And check it out!  I have spices for every occasion!  Think I’ve got every month covered, and we’re going to be baking cupcakes to go along with some school stuff in the future so it’ll work out great.

He was tired.  Kids can be exhausting. 

Ah, the kid that’s 5yo and can still fall asleep everywhere.  He and hubby were asleep at the same time, it was amusing.

He was so proud of this.  I can’t remember if it was a regular tower, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or some other random thing.

Book from my haul today.  Working on nailing down a school plan for the 5yo (and almost 3yo) this coming summer/year, hence the neat board books.  And yeah, it was time for a new Bible for me – my last one was from 7th/8th grade that the church gave us as we went through confirmation or whatever it was back then.

Progress in the homeschool room.  It’s slow.  But things are slowly happening.

Other side of the room.  Not sure whether I want to keep the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree there, or move it next to the laundry room door (the one with the red thing on it above).  Ah, decisions.  Hoping I can stack those white things as well, free up more wall space for forward-facing bookshelves for the kids.


One thought on “Slowly working on things

  1. The Homeschool room is amazing ,Looks so neat!,the Children are growing up so fast .It is hard to Believe it ! and Hubby now that is funny πŸ™‚ Good times My friend Good times..I love all the spices πŸ™‚ Enough to fill a whole cabinet 

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