Still here. Blah.

I have a sinus infection that got one of my eyes (so now it’s pinkeye?  weird medicine logic…).
A feverish 2yo on my lap, waiting for medicine to kick in.
A 7yo asleep up in my room.  He’s been up there for a few hours already.
And the 5yo and 14mo don’t seem to be affected much.
Add in the lovely spring pollen that makes the air feel soupy, and there you go.

Needless to say, I haven’t been able to get out in the garden much.  😦  I have three tomatoes planted.  Some asparagus coming up.  Well, the asparagus that’s gotten around the boatload of nasty weeds I haven’t been able to get out and yank.  Some strawberries planted (haven’t yanked the other ones out of the ground yet).  Blah.  Kind of disheartening when the kids don’t/won’t help in the least (as in, behave, stop eating the rusted old hose pipe, stop trampling the plants, etc.). 

Have I mentioned the 14mo seems to be yet another spirited kid?  He and the 7yo are two little peas in a pod.   He. doesn’t. stop. moving.  Ever.  How on earth did I survive this with the first kid?  And he’s smart.  Grrr.  He’s 14mo and already full on moving chairs around because he knows which ones are conducive to climbing up and entirely onto the dining table.  He can open the baby gate latch (it’s like an outdoor fence latch – some adults can’t figure it out when they visit our house).  He started trying to crawl through the open slats of our staircases.  He’s figured out what’s downstairs once he thwarts the baby gate on the stairs.  Ooof. 

For those of you that have seen my yard. 
Where would you put a dark purple lilac bush or two?  I’ve got some in the backyard that hubby ripped up, that are somehow still alive (I’m thinking their roots are sucking up water from the ground or tarp that they’re on).  They weren’t in a good place, I’ll totally give him that.  But hey, a free indestructible bush or three?  I can’t just throw it away without trying

3 thoughts on “Still here. Blah.

  1. I still tell myself ,How did I survive raising 3 kids all 1 year apart at age 19 ..But then I didn’t have a garden nor any work outside,I just do not know how you do it girl,canning ,gardens and with he kiddo’s you are amazing I will tell you again simply amazing!

  2. all 3 of my kids are climbers and movers. Eva climbed up into the kitchen sink at 9 months – she was the wildest! I found her sitting in the sink and my eyes bugged outta my head. 

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