Diagnose me.  Well, technically the child.
I discovered this on the underside of his arms tonight.

This arm only had a few patches/spots.

This other arm, had more.

Yeah, he kept thinking it was a game of grab-the-camera-and-don’t-stay-still.

They don’t seem to be bothering him any.  He’s had a slight cold (I only need to snot-suck him like twice a day?) for 2-3 days or so, nothing too off the wall.  He hasn’t eaten anything new or scary since I haven’t been to the store in a few days.  And the spots are mostly all on the underside of his upper arms.

Thoughts or ideas?  I’ve been looking up rash photos.  And most of them tend to start from the trunk and spread, not the arm. 


5 thoughts on “Help

  1. looks like a form of eczema (there’s tons).  food allergy?  Eli very suddenly started reacting to eggs after being allergy free for almost a year.  all my boys get eczema starting on the backs of their arms if they’re allergic to something.  

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