Sniffle, sniffle, cough

We’re sick.  It’s been a rough few days here.  Monday I started feeling a bit off that night – my throat started having that phlegm-y feeling.  Well, the next day, when hubby had to leave at 5am for out of town of course, the kids started falling, one by one.  Well, the 4yo was sick on Saturday or Sunday, but he’s our quiet one so he just slept the day away in his room, easy peasy.  So on Tuesday, the 2yo girl started barfing.  As a sidenote, she finally finished barfing about 24 hours later.  Then the 7yo started getting all kinds of whiny.  Oh, the whining.  Between him and the 2yo, I about wanted to shove them in the garage together to whine it out.  Did I mention I was/am sick, too?  Fever, chills, dizziness, no appetite, headache, sinus pressure, ear pressure, etc.  Only thing keeping it from being the trifecta from beyond was pretty much my period staying away.

And silly me, I thought maybe hubby would escape it, but no, he’s sick in a hotel room in the midwest, poor guy.    At least he can take some Nyquil to get some sleep – it’s been so long since I’ve had Nyquil that I have no idea what it’d do to me, and when it’s just me and the kids?  Not the time to experiment with things.

Then today the baby starts getting sick.  Little guy is so pitiful – he has no idea what’s going on and while he feels so bad, and since I still have to take care of the other kids (I’m using that very loosely – it’s been a ‘here’s your bowl of cheerio’s, come get me if there’s blood’ kind of day) I can’t lay down and nurse him for 4 hours straight at a time.  Think healthy thoughts for us please, we need them. 


One thought on “Sniffle, sniffle, cough

  1. (((((HUGS))))we’ve been doing the same thing.  there’s been cold/coughs for 2 weeks now and last Friday, Eli, Isaak, and I fell victim to strep.  Eli ended up with scarlet fever (not fifths) and has 2 ruptured eardrums, Isaak has one ruptured ear, and I got strep throat.  lets add in this being J’s “final” for the class he’s in and work being hell so you can well imagine what my house looks like.  I totally forgot to feed the kids Monday until 11 when Joe started begging for food.  oops.

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