I got some pretties in the mail the other day

The girl sure likes hers.  It’s purple.  She’s decided purple “it’s my color!”

What one of mine looks like.

Yeah, my hair’s not long enough for a fancy updo, I was messing around trying to figure it out.

It’s barely long enough to mostly stay in a ponytail.

Pretty, eh?  And a bit snazzier than a regular elastic-contained ponytail.  I have a few others, just as pretty.  I like ’em.  Been slowly working on prettying up my wardrobe – cute shoes that go with skirts and jeans, long skirts, working on finding shirts that flatter (vs. unflattering), etc.  It’s been about stretchy and just things that barely fit the last several years, times are a changing. 

How come I’d never heard of this before last week?
Laminating paperback books (with clear contact paper) to help them hold up better!  Totally attacking our stuff and homeschooling books here.  Awesomeness.  I have four kids to cycle through our stuff, it needs to last a while.

The boys’ train track either today or yesterday.  Day before, the roundhouse wasn’t there – it was the docks (around the corner of the couch) with Cranky the Crane.

Picking a paint color for the homeschool room

I know, they look the same.  But they’re all varying shades of white.  Choosing white because there’s going to be tons of color from all the stuff I plan to put/hang on the wall.  But which white nuance… therein lies the challenge.

3 thoughts on “I got some pretties in the mail the other day

  1. Love your pretty hair clips!   Did you get them via Etsy?  You house looks like my house with train track.  Sometimes I will find it from one room to the next.  I was informed we needed more track….I don’t think so….LOL  Great idea for the books! 

  2. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – I know, she was *just* born, and now she’s starting on the attitude?!?  @perryhillfarm – Here are the flexi clips.  I’m smitten – they’re just so pretty, and work really well if the hair’s long enough (give me another month or two).  I think the consultant I ended up buying them through was Paula Ramm or something – there’s a link over at Heavenly Homemakers.Yeah, we have two 18-gallon totes of trains (but we have more fights over who gets the straight track here than I bet you have), and with the split level-ness there is no going from room to room.  Mommy would lose it.  Closest they get is making a duplo (race) track down the stairs for the duplo trains/cars to zoom down.

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