Whee, homeschool room again. Yes, again. Please help.

My very sad, not-to-scale drawing.

From left to right from the entry door of the room.

(That door above goes to the laundry room – hence why I need that walking path open.)
These two walls – the laundry room walk and the wood stove wall there are what are kind of giving me fits.  I have to keep things on those walls fairly flat so I don’t trip into them or they don’t get too warm when we occasionally do crank up the stove. 

That weird railing thing in the top half of the ‘wall’?  Goes to the dining room.  We basically covered up the railing with coat racks and my desk up there in the dining room.  Just smile and nod.

And we’re back to the entry door.

I have a 2’x3′ dry erase board and a 2’x3′ corkboard to hang on the wall around larger-child height.
I also have this to hang near-ish kid level.

I have a big USA and a big world map to hang up somewhere, both laminated.
I have the one big solid desk on the shiny legs that’s a great work surface for us all.
I want to have those forward facing bookshelves for the kids’ current reading.

That big flat non-green desk shall be staying (green desk will relocate to the basement).  The white odd-shaped cubbies…  I can take it or leave it.  Could go either way.  I cannot find baskets that properly fit in there, and the baskets I used to have that fit in them?  Were 25yo when they finally cracked and busted and were beyond repairable.

I do have these Jarna shelves from Ikea I could use.  They’re very shallow though – think the depth of CD’s/DVD’s when they’re stacked in there.  So not the best thing for (children’s) books, plus the shelves are glass.  My boys are… active.

The door to come into the room is down/out.  Which opens up this room a ton.  If I need to, I can hang a pretty felt curtain or something to cover the door and use it for random school stuff (felt-stick on map, human body part, etc. – imagine the possibilities).  Yeah, I know, it’s a crap catching room right now, blurg.

(I kinda want to do a neat hanging clothesline from the ceiling here that I can raise and lower – like the width between the laundry room door and woodstove, but I don’t forsee shallow things like the dry erase or corkboards or forward book shelves interfering with that.)

Possibilities… want to make some of these shelves.  At least one for each child so they can see the fronts of their own personal books. 

Thinking of buying this solid wood hutch (it’s currently at a local consignment shop) to put in place of the white cubbies in that wall behind the door.  If I keep the beat up and fake wood cubbies, I can put them both on the floor as counter space, and have a place to put that giant printer of ours.

I also have one of these from Costco that I’m still undecided on.

It can go vertical or horizontal, and comes with all the fabric drawers to put stuff in.  I could put laminated photos of what goes where in those (balance scale, pattern blocks, etc.).  But a light wood hutch, possibly white cubbies, and this dark brown melamine…  Not sure if the hodge-podge will drive me nuts or not.  Sigh.

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