Snow (I know, shocker) and chocolate butterhorns!

My 7yo called it a food laboratory today.  Pretty much.

Most of the work.  I swear.  Folks with smaller families just don’t seem to get the sheer amount of food involved in my life.  What feeds their family of 3 for a meal?  I need at least 2-3 times it, per meal. 

These are yummy.  I added melted butter and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top, in addition to the chocolate chips inside.  Slightly healthier option than donuts, at least there’s that.  We had some for dessert tonight, just because we could.  Most of these are headed to the freezer, some will be part of breakfast tomorrow.  I’m also quite jazzed that I got some whole wheat flour in there, and no one has noticed or said anything.  Mwahaha. 

Think this was yesterday.  The 4yo loves posing.  Goof.

The snowy yard.  Grampa and the kids set up a tarp on random lumber and my poor clothesline, that’s what that is.  Whatever, they’re having fun.

Closer up.  See all the flakes falling?  It’s so pretty and quiet when it’s snowing.

See the garden?  *snort*  Got a ways to go before we can head out there.  Like 2-3 months.

Other ‘main’ half of the garden with blackberries, run over blueberry bushes, and the boatload of asparagus.

A score at Target.  I’m going to add my own compost when I find a bag somewhere and some of my perlite when I dig that up from the snow for starting my seeds.  It’ll happen at some point.  Maybe.

Yup, that’s my daughter.

Just give a kid a box.  That’s all they need.

(yes, my 1yo boy is wearing purple – it happens)


4 thoughts on “Snow (I know, shocker) and chocolate butterhorns!

  1. Love your posts every single one of them! Just inspires me more 🙂 and the Kitchen love it!!!! wish I was close by to be able to see first hand how you can.bake and cook so much !

  2. @homesteadtess – I use a lot (a lot!) of pots and pans and mixing bowls and sheet pans that take up the entire inside of the oven (vs. the little dinky 8×11″ ones).  And I have to gate out the kids perpetually since my kitchen isn’t really big enough for more than one person.  Turning around, grabbing something from this shelf and that shelf… sigh.  The person that “designed” my poor kitchen had never cooked before in their lives.

  3. Yum- those look great! And, I can totally relate- I often think of my kitchen as a food laboratory too! Thanks for sharing this post at the Homestead Barn Hop. Hope to see you again next week!

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