The baby, he went and turned 1yo

Smiling at his big brother. 

Chowing down on bundt [birthday]cakes.

He was starting to get tired.

So daddy fed him a few bites of lemon cake. 

He really didn’t want that much since he filled up on whatever it was I made for dinner that night.

Still cute and happy.

See that?  He’s walking.

Pretty much exclusively walking.  Except up the stairs.

Why yes, he has 12 teeth and is still missing those canines so he looks a little… strange in photos.  It happens.

3 thoughts on “The baby, he went and turned 1yo

  1. @FourBlackSheep – Yup, the boys have all been early teethers.  First tooth popped around 4-6mo with each one.  My girl didn’t have her first tooth pop out until about 11mo.  Despite the fact she was a drooling, teethy mess from 4mo on.  

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