Because I love a challenge…

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the powdered chicken/beef/vegetable bouillon?  That half of it is freakin’ salt?  Yeah, I don’t approve of that either.

So, I made my own.  I figure they do it, why can’t I?

Just boiled it down till it was quite thick, poured onto my roll-up sheets on the dehydrator, and went to town.
When they were dry and brittle, I either cracked them up with my hand, or some were still a smidge leathery-feeling so I used my lovely and sharp kitchen shears.  And have almost a pint of uber-concentrated chicken stock.  Sans salt.  Don’t even have to pressure can it (yay, slightly less work for me!) and it takes up even less space/weight in the pantry.

I just reconstituted several chips in boiling water and let it sit for a good 10-15 minutes, stirring a few times.  Used it to add moisture to some chicken enchilada mixture.  We’re all still alive, even the baby.  Sometimes being strange has it’s perks. 

Speaking of enchiladas…

I made four – three to freeze and one for dinner that night.  Yum.  I totally made half of it up, too.  I rule.

Think they’re me?  I’ve been hunting and hunting and hunting trying to find nice (and comfortable!) shoes that can go with a skirt or jeans and look nice either way.  Kept trying to find a less expensive option than Dansko’s, but kept coming back to them every time. 

Even has cute flower detailing/embroidery on them.  And yes, I have cute funky socks.  They’re so super soft, I love them.

She looks like a girl!!  Okay, granted, it helped that I was wearing a skirt that day.  But this is how I do girly – not all princessy and bows.  Although she does have a few things with bows.  I just think butterflies are cuter, don’t you?

And then she’s back to being normal. 

Ah, the influences of brothers.

Just the regular neighborhood ponies.  These folks have three on their lot.  Okay….

I went to Safeway today.  Eh, I’ve done better before.  But hey, for way overpriced Safeway, not too bad for getting lots of ice cream, spaghetti sauce and something else…  Oh, the total was $21.25, my bad.  Cut it off in the photo.  Whoops.

And join the Homestead Barn Hop if you’re so inclined. 
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11 thoughts on “Because I love a challenge…

  1. Great idea! I wonder if it should be refrigerated for longer storage? Good for you for getting creative, Lanna 🙂 Hey, if you’re still having trouble with the Homestead Blog Hop button, you can copy it to your computer, and paste it into your post here. Then you can link it back to my site so other people can see all who have linked up. HTH!

  2. I love the dried chicken broth! I can’t wait to try it. Did you cut the plastic liners for your dehytrator yourself?Are those Dansko shoes? They are adorable!!! My Danskos (I can’t wear anything else, at least of the dressy type shoes.) are no where near that cute! I wish they’d had something like that when I was shopping.

  3. @Kendra- New Life ona Homestead – I go through chicken stock fairly frequently, so I’m not too worried about it.  You can dehydrate jerky and beans and corn and peas (all things that need to be pressure canned), and there’s no meat or veggies left in the stock since it’s strained.  I figure if they dry stuff and don’t bother to make a no-salt version, phooey on them.  @mhoward1999 – The clear trays came with my Nesco Gardenmaster dehydrator.  You can also get fruit roll up trays for the Excalibur, but my Nesco ones can slide right into my Excalibur so I haven’t bothered with getting those (the Excalibur only comes with the little fruit mesh things to dehydrate on, everything else is extra).Yup, they’re Dansko’s.  From my local little camping/adventure store to boot, go figure.  Hoping these last me several years at least, since they weren’t cheap. 

  4. That is an AMAZING idea.  I prefer drying and canning as preservation methods (in case the power goes out and melts the contents of one’s freezer).  I LOVE  the idea of drying stock.  You didn’t say if you used pre-canned broth or if yours was totally from scratch.  I wonder…if you use the made from scratch kind, do you need to chill it to get the fat to harden so it can be skimmed….or do you just dry the fat in with the broth?  (Found you on the barn hop by the way).

  5. That dehydrated broth is impressive! When did we get snowed into thinking we couldn’t live without the mega companies providing everything for us?You Go Girl!Thanks for linking up on the Barn Hop!

  6. great idea!! I always make stock and freeze it. sometimes I cheat and by premade if I’m desperate, but I never do that nasty bullion salty crap. Your idea is the perfect unfrozen solution! gotta get me a dehydrator!

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