Today was cook day.

It all started a few months ago.  A friend and I were discussing hanging out for a day and getting a bunch of meals ready and frozen for ourselves.  Last week, found out a company was going to be delivering fresh chicken breasts again (never frozen, not injected with saline).  We went in on a box/ingredients together.

So, one day, 40 pounds of chicken, and six children age 7 and under.  Sounds like a demented movie, eh?
Seriously.  Quite a circus.  Good thing we’ve known each other for a while, our kids get along decently (regular squabbles, but nothing too bad), and yeah.

In progress.  My 7yo said it was a “chicken laboratory!”  He wasn’t too far from the mark.  This is when it actually looked fairly decent.

My friend’s haul home.  Not a small cooler.

My in-progress stuff.  See all those dishes drying on the counter behind there?  Yeah.

Still have a few things to assemble… breakfast burritos, finish more stuffed/twice-baked potatoes, chicken/cheese enchiladas from the shredded chicken, chicken stock with the random leftover fat-laden bits (I strain the fat off, no worries), and yeah.  I have my work cut out for me this week to finish it up.  And get us all to eat the leftovers in the fridge this week as well.


4 thoughts on “Today was cook day.

  1. the town I lived in about… hmm 8 yrs ago (back when I had only one kiddo) had this awesome chicken store. it was a little afarm run thing. good prices, and really good poultry and poultry products. anyhow a friend and I used to spend a day doing the same thing every once in a while. I found it immensely rewarding to look in the freezer and see that huge stack of meals and meal-sized portions of chicken and turkey. I miss having a friend who is into that stuff too! FWIW it’s also the same friend that helped me realize I hate canning. I canned with her and didn’t really like it much but she was so gung-ho about it I wanted to give it a go myself, and then canned by myself and decided I HATE it. I guess that has a lot to do with the fact that I can’t eat fruit… and I dislike canned veggies, hmm? Maybe if I could find an actual working recipe for sugar (and sugar substitute) free jam/preserve I would try it again. but the last recipe I used BOMBED and I was left with many popping moldy cans of unusable preserves. ugh. whatever, I strongly prefer the freezer. too bad it takes electricity! =Psorry I just blogged in your comments. I suck sometimes.

  2. @homesteadtess – Oh, the kitchen wasn’t really clean in that photo.  It had the 40lb box on the counter, potatoes and simmering chicken and dinner in the crockpot strewn about, among other things.  It’s starting to slowly look much better.  There’s just only so many dishes I can handle washing in one stint by myself.  Oof.  Still a few more soaking in the sink.@HennyPenne – Blog away – you can keep it hidden from elsewhere if need be.  😉  Uh, your sugar free jam thing?  Pomona Pectin, babe.  No sugar, a little sugar, stevia extract, honey, whatever floats your boat.  It sets up from the calcium mixture, not the sugar content of the majority of other big name pectins.  Or just make your own pectin from crab apples or baby apples in the fall.  That’s on my to-do list.  I still prefer freezer jam though – the canned is my backup and for gifts.  😀  So… don’t suppose you’ll be moving up here?

  3. @LannaM – you know, I should have known you back when! it would have saved me $80. (seriously it’s been almost 9.5 yrs and I still can’t let that go!) N we’re just planning on moving a town over… better for business. better for *ahem* religion 😉

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