Drama and mustard, just a regular day here.

Methinks this is only the beginning of girl drama throughout the years.

She’s acting like I’m annoying paparazzi.

This is what happens when I can just roam the library by myself. 
Well, and the kid books have been pulled out for reading already.

It’s the most wonderful time… of the year!

Mwahaha.  My want/wish list?  Is enormous.  Like 16″x22″ enormous.  I asked the 7yo to get me a big piece of paper, thinking landscape.  Nope, he brought me one of his huge art sheets.  Hey, it works. 


I canned apple cider, water, and mustard.  Not all in the same jar, but yeah.  Got colors?
Hubby’s a doll and pressing the last of our apples to get them the hell gone and done. 
I didn’t have an entire cannerful of cider, so I did something I came across in another blog (don’t ask me where though).  She fills up her canner (pressure or water) with jars of water to round it out and to help it come up to boiling quicker.  When she’s done, voila!  Potable drinking water, sealed up so nothing can easily get into it!  I don’t think it’ll be the mainstay of my water storage, but pretty darn groovy you have to admit. 

The mustard…  it’s just repackaged from the giant tub at Costco.  It’s cheap, and this way I have my smaller containers since we don’t go through a ton of it.  Add a squeeze bottle for the fridge, and we’re set.  It works.  Although, I have to say, whoever designed that stupid giant plastic French’s Mustard bottle that’s at Costco?  Needs to be flogged.  You know how many darned nooks and crannies are in that sucker?  Not cool French’s, not cool.

More craziness later this week.

4 thoughts on “Drama and mustard, just a regular day here.

  1. Great Idea! Can you explain how to can apple cider:) In the Pressure canner?? how many minutes do you can it? You inspire me so much! If I only had half your energy! the things you accomplish is amazing!!!!!!!!

  2. @homesteadtess – Apple cider is canned similar to apple juice.  I do a 1/2-inch headspace, and process quarts for 25 minutes in the water bath canner.  I think you can do 20 minutes, but I prefer to err on the side of caution.  We don’t always go through every. single. thing. every year, so I like to know my things are ick-free and sealed well.  Hence why I’m not a fan of inversion canning.I can’t take all the credit for what we get done around the house.  Hubby deserves a lot of the credit.  He was outside pressing cider today and keeping an eye on the older two while I was inside canning butter and filtering the cider and nursing a kiddo or two.  If I didn’t have help?  I’d barely be able to do several pints of jam throughout the year.

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