The homeschool room again

Basic layout.  Measurements are totally off.

This photo is as close as I’ve got to the drawing above – I was standing around the laundry room door.  Ish.

This wall I’m having the most trouble with.  That door opens up against those white shelves I currently have there.  Those shelves aren’t sizes I like/can fit things in, they’re MDF-ish, almost as old as me, and beat to hell.
That giant printer in the left corner?  Needs to stay around there somewhere due to cords and network goodies and such. 

I think I’ll be relocating the green desk downstairs to the basement for sewing, and leaving that plain top with leg desk up here for me and the kids.  Possibly finding another one so they can share/spread out as need be.

Here’s the type of storage I’ve been drooling over for this room, but am not 100% on where, what size/dimensions, etc.  And oh hell no on that much pink or purple anywhere in my house, don’t worry about that.
I’ve found something similar, in a dark espresso color (not solid wood, but eh, it’s almost instant gratification) at Costco that holds 8 baskets as well – thinking of getting two of those to use upright.

Up against this wall kinda behind the wood stove where there’s no space to put a desk, and nor can I do cubbies because of the heat output…

I’m thinking of putting in some of these…

One for each child to display their current books.  Easy access, easy to see the neato covers.  Not dated, won’t do that metallic squeal that gutters would do, and I could potentially move these from room to room as need be.

Then above /beside the little shelves, I’ve got a corkboard, dry erase board, US and world maps.
Or some of those things could go on the wall there between the doors (in the drawing above, the lower right wall).  A timeline could go on that wall, too.  It currently has the shelves below…

Things I have for the room…
These Jarna shelves from Ikea.  Our books-on-cd collection is growing bits and pieces at a time.  😀

Then this will go on a wall where the 7yo can reach it, hopefully not where the 2yo can grab it.


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