Christmas Day

This was one of my gifts. 
It’s a magical pot. 

It has a 4-quart bottom.  Then a pasta insert.  Then a big steamer insert (as in, I can fit 2-3lbs of veggies in it – a family of 6, do the math).  Then another steamer insert on little ball feet (hey, whatever, I’ll roll with it), another insert with a bowl-like bottom (like a double boiler) and a lid.  It’s fabulous!  We’ve already broken it in using it to steam veggies for the whole brood and making Eggs Benedict.

Okay, the cuteness.
First up, stockings.  Trains.  Stickers.  Hot Wheels cars.

Ooh, I think she got something neat…

He got another yellow hat.  He outgrew his old one, plus he managed to bust up the velcro on the old one, too.

Grandma gifted him that little “busy pot.”  I love that she just slaps a bow (or paper) on old school toys of mine and my sisters for my kids.  So cute.

And now the presents begin in earnest.

They got some books.  And more books.

Another baby.


A lunchbag.  He’s been on a school kick lately – lunchboxes, riding the bus, etc.  I seem to remember the 7yo going through this for a brief while.  Trying to redirect him a la the “look, something shiny!” routine.

Showing off to auntie.  Why yes, that’s wrapping paper flying through the air I guess.  Interesting.

The remnants.

Then after getting some food into them, we showed them the basement.

Noah’s Ark had been hidden for a long, long while – not sure whether she’d ever seen it. 
So it was like a brand new toy to her.  

Even he got into the melee.  Chewing on things of course.

Hubby and I were picking up the tickets for the light cruise, and futzed around downtown for a little bit.  Just us and the baby.  Closest we get to a date lately.
Anyway, came across this in the totally groovy (but more boutique/expensive) toy store.  Was the last one.  I snapped it up.  It’ll go in the homeschool room somewhere.  Out of reach of the 2yo though – she likes hiding/relocating things for us.  Hmmm… maybe she’ll end up involved with witness protection at some point in her eventual career…

3 thoughts on “Christmas Day

  1. What an amazing Christmas you all had .The Children look so excited and so full of that Christmas Magic :)Takes me back to the days when I was young.You are such an amazing Mom .All the Neat Idea’s you do for the kids ! 🙂

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