Wanna organize vicariously?

Because I sure need the help. 
I got the majority of the basement and homeschool room organized, or at least mostly cleaned up.  Albeit with several piles of things for hubby to find a home for.  I even sorted out all the damn Hot Wheels cars from every. single. container. everywhere else in the house. 
Anyway.  Things are finally happening, despite this nasty cold I ended up with.  Have a bunch of the toys sorted into bins.  Yes, I have an 18-gallon tub of Duplo blocks.  It happens.  Problem is, our homeschool room is kinda strange.  It has a wood stove taking up a good almost one-quarter of the floor (and the wall behind it).  Need to keep a fair amount of the floor open as a walk-through to the laundry room.  One wall has a big window (and wood stove pipe), another wall has an open railing up to the dining room.  Sigh.  It’ll work, but I’d rather figure it out before I start poking holes in the walls to hang things up.  Making hubby patch a million holes on the wall doesn’t sound like a fun task to hand off to him.  

A totally not-to-scale drawing of the homeschool room.

(laundry room door’s against the wall, my bad)

Photos to make that make sense.  This door goes to the laundry room.

In the corner behind the stove you can see I have a dry erase board, corkboard, and two maps (one US, one world).  Thinking rain gutter bookshelves (and/or the Jarna ones) would go great on this back wall or the one above. 

Yup, the avocado desk.  Good times.
Not 100% on where things will go.  That back left corner?  The printer, server and wireless deals are. not. moving.  They have to stay in that corner somehow.  Might try to get the little things up higher though, we’ll see.

Yes, that railing is open to the dining room upstairs.  Hence why this was a good idea of the 7yo’s to turn this room into the homeschool room.  I can better hear screams of death when I’m cooking lunch/dinner.
Love the flat top desk, it’s an original.  The white boxy things?  Were mine and my sister’s back in the day.  Closest I’m going to get to those fancy Ikea bookcase things.

And I have like… six? Seven?  Of these Jarna shelves (tall skinny on the left) from Ikea.  I was thinking I could maybe have hubby mount them sideways on the wall after we take out a few (or all) of the glass shelf inserts – as hanging bookshelves/cases for the kids.

The playroom.
Crude drawing of basic layout.

I think I have a slightly better grasp on what I kinda want to do here.

Put up a curtain to cordone off my storage area back there.  May move the green avocado desk down here to go against the curtain to help section off that sliver of the basement.

Shelves for mommy’s stuff – homeschool planning/plotting, random toys out of reach, who knows.  It’s not cohesively organized yet, and I really didn’t want *this* much of the homeschool stuff down here.

Can’t block off those doors in the wall there.  Under-the-stair storage.  Need to pull a few boxes from the bottom one so the kids can go hide and read/play/whatever down there as need be.  They absolutely love it.

What will be the “blank” wall once hubby and I can get a few things sent off to Goodwill or sorted back into his office.  The “kitchen” stuff (including the toy box – the fabric range top is in progress, still) will be along that wall, and shhh, I also want to put the cardboard blocks for the kids there as well.  But then I’m thinking I can still hang something up on the wall.  Map, solar system, some sort of fishing line or something to display their artwork, something.


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