They love the dry erase board.  So cute.

The 7yo’s drawing and scissor abilities are getting better.  Aka, check out his snowmen.  I did absolutely nothing – he just appears with these things.  Works for me.

So excited I found these suckers.  Had a coupon at Borders, thought I’d have to figure out which one (of the four they carry) to choose. 

But with the special or sale or whatever, I didn’t have to choose!
And since I’m out of tune after all these years and I’ve since forgotten a ton of the songs, here we go. 
The girl loves silly songs – the boys could care less.  (those are my own cheapie CD sleeves – need to have hubby copy them before I let the kids touch them).

He’s not feeling so hot.  I have a feeling it’s teeth.  He’s just got that teething look.  Add in the all-day pissiness, being uber-clingy for him, yeah.  Good times.

Not so thrilled at the idea of a green bean.

Likes mashed potatoes though. But who doesn’t?

Just for shits and giggles.  That is one single jar from everything I have canned in my pantry.  Just one.  Of probably more than one for each item. 

I love the pretty colors.  The meats don’t look as great, and the pie filling (that I won’t can again, just, eh) looks kinda different, but hey, it’s food.  Gotta experiment to see what we like.


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