Just another few days

I made more muffins.  Banana Sour Cream muffins to be exact.  30 muffins only lasts a day or so in my house, especially when we have visitors.  Sigh.  Yeah, I know, they’re shaped funny – it’s how I only had to run the oven once instead of twice for 30 muffins.

Playing with a pint of button.  Counting + sorting + categorizing = math and a little science.

Done with cranberry sauce for a few years. 


Again, yeah.

Welp, guess what trick the 9mo started showing off last night?  Sigh.  Gone are the days of showers.

Little turkey.

Yup, that’s his tongue.  He was sticking it out at daddy.

The 7yo has been obsessed with flags as of late.  This is the new South African flag (missing a few lines, but still).  Grampa kept trying to talk about the politics and crap down there – to a 7yo.  He forgets you have to be short, sweet, concise, and not give them nightmares.  Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Just another few days

  1. you have gotten so much snow!!! my word. Eva doesn’t really like snow so it sucjs. actually she likes it, but she HATES wearing clothing that covers her skin so when it snows there are many tantrums to be had. *sigh* I do not look fwd to it. But maybe this yr will be better, right? I keep praying it will! :)p.s. I need your address… yes. again. moving makes me lose everything even when I am organized. I am organized! I promise. but really… how organized can you be when you move 3 times in 2 yrs? heh

  2. I’m still working on getting organized enough to function – and we’ve lived here 7 years.  I think a lot of it has to do with all our pint-sized “helpers.”  Address in a bit.

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