Time to break out the mukluks!

Well first, hubby and I went to Lowes again to snag some shelving units.  Two up with stuff piled on them down, two to go.  Turning the basement into organized chaos instead of straight up chaos.

The driveway.  That’s my mom’s Camry in the driveway – you can barely see hubby’s car behind it, and the truck off in the distance.

The 7yo has started his igloo.  That he’s quite determined to make.  He wanted hubby and I to find an ice/snow block mold for him when we were out getting shelving.  Didn’t really find anything in that genre though.

Backyard.  You can see the [raised] strawberry beds totally covered.

Yes, the boys have been digging pathways every which way to keep themselves busy and moving out there.  Whatever, just stomp the snow off before you come inside.  Sigh.  What I wouldn’t give for a proper mudroom or something.

The shed’s roof is almost accurate on how deep it is… each door is four feet wide.


2 thoughts on “Time to break out the mukluks!

  1. oh how I dread snow! Pretty? yes…. I could handle one or two good snows… but then it better get back up to the 50’s right afterwards šŸ˜‰   So far we’d had a warm fall – it’s still in the 50’s here so woot! I don’t know how much longer it will last though…so… how are things? anything new?

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