This just in, another busy week!

In no particular order.

Apples in the office, sorted.  Some for cider, some for applesauce.

Celery.  It was on sale.

I still have two bunches in the fridge.  I think it was something like 38lbs of celery? 
That now reside in 4 jars (the sliced/diced jars aren’t even full).

Hubby pressed cider for me the other day.  One more pressing, and then it gets put away for another year.

Still thinking about paint colors.  I’m so smitten with these pretty curtains.

Thoughts?  Color pick will go in the living room and kitchen and dining room.

Ugh.  This van.  I swear.  Don’t buy a Dodge Caravan.  Just. Say. No.  This was after my Black Friday festivities.  You can’t see the grill in the back or the smoker on the front passenger seat.

The stools I got on sale.  Also double as a neat little side table.  🙂  There have already been fights over them by the kids since I only brought one in so far.  I have plans for them.  Slowly but surely.

All of a sudden from downstairs, I hear from the 4yo upstairs, “that’s ours!”  7yo concurs, yup, that’s ours.  Why yes, the 7yo did draw our planet.  Granted, the continents need a little work, but he’s 7.  So cute when they’re in cahoots, especially in a school-y way.

Ah, the cuteness of our day.  In between the tantrums and messes and diapers and so on.

This child and his expressions.  Cracks me up.

Our garage was getting almost below freezing.  Not good for the produce we still have out there.  The 4yo decided to rescue an apple to eat.  Here he is, warming it up.


My semi-messy corner of the basement.  There shall be shelving, soon.  On our to-do list tomorrow.  Is it sad I’m all excited about shelving and planning what to put where and how to organize it so it’s not all a heaping pile of whatever?  Yeah.  I have issues.

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