The “remodel”

Ah, the fun of it getting messier and messier before it gets better.  There’s even more stuff stacked/stuffed in this poor basement room this minute.

The “lovely” blue basement “bedroom.”

Seriously, it was the most hideous blue that was obnoxious and retina-searing and yet, not in the neon family.  It was quite magical, really.

Our little samples of paint from Lowe’s.

In progress.  Those are little swatches of the yellow on the wall of hideous blue.

Yeah, the closet’s still blue.  One thing at a time.  At least the closet can be hidden.

Oooh, with trim…

Okay, the color is really light.  It’s just, well, it was long past sundown, I was using the flash, and as you can tell, a new light fixture is on the to-do list.

Then to make things more fun….
I got these pretty curtains for a steal a few days ago.  They’re pretty.

So how do you think those curtains would go with the light green paint?

A little closer – sorry I couldn’t get the flowers totally focused, my bad.

Because I was thinking…  Maybe paint the dining room and kitchen this pretty green and put those pretty curtains up to replace the 70’s wool ugh.  Would give it some color and quite the touch of pretty.

Then to go along with us finally taking the plunge into color, we’re thinking of maybe painting the living room a light beige/taupe/sand/brown/whatever suits my fancy. 

Granted, I’d have to figure out how the heck to transition it there on that dividing wall end, but I bet we could figure it out (probably paint it the beige?).  Putting pretty colors on the walls makes the white baseboard trim pop and look great, and so if we do decide to really buckle down and get the house sold in a year or three, odds are it’ll look/show better in part from that.


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