I’m drooling over freeze dried/dehydrated food. 
Who knew you could get powdered tomatoes and powdered peanut butter? 
Powdered milk and eggs and such I already knew, but peanut butter? 
That sound is my head exploding from the possibilities.  Would be damn fun to try making every. single. thing. from the pantry for like a month – if we don’t have to go to the store for milk or eggs or bread or peanut butter.  No quesadillas that month, but meh, I could make that work. 
Now to sell some Fuzzi Bunz so I can work on getting myself a few of these fun pantry deals to try out and reorganize things down there yet again.  So if you’re in the market for small-sized Fuzzi Bunz in all varieties of color, let me know. 

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