The world keeps on revolving.

And then Halloween happened.  Holy crap, the holiday season is coming on like a freakin’ freight train.  Ugh.  I’m most certainly not ready this year.

He did not like being wrestled in and out of this outfit.  All four kids have worn this sucker.  I think we’ve gotten our money’s worth.

Here’s the template for the pumpkin the 7yo drew for us.

And here’s what hubby did to make it happen.

The kids’ haul from trick-or-treating the downtown main drag.

He was quite happy about his “new” costume.  Rather happy about his antennae and stinger though.

Yup, that’s me nursing along the main drag there the other night.  Kiddo was fussy and his hands were finally getting chilly, so there you go.  You can see the back of my dragon’s head there, too. 

I just love, love, love this scrunchy face.  So darned cute when he does it.  Although this is just half the scrunchy face, but you get the idea. 

Eight teeth.  Eight months, and eight teeth.  Yeah, he’s one of my boys.

I am so all over this idea – Fortamajig!  I figure I’ll make one myself out of aplix/velcro and sturdy canvas (possibly fun colors, who knows) – the kids will have a blast with it.  And I love anything I can throw in the washing machine. 


2 thoughts on “The world keeps on revolving.

  1. Cute, cute, cute!!!!  One of my favorite shots is the little one nursing.  He got his Halloween treat!  I actually had a dream the other night I was nursing a little one.  Yep,  I miss it!Scrunch face is adorable!  Love all the costumes and did your bee sting anyone?Awesome fort!

  2. love the nursing picture! lol. Aren’t cold hand son the boob the worst though? I totall recoil in pain for a moment whenever I get a cold toddler hand under my skirt heh

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