I’ve slacked on photos

Because I just haven’t felt like uploading them.  There’s so many!

There’s the wood hubby went and cut a week or so ago.  He’s quite proud of it. 

There’s the leaning tower of Pisa we briefly made with colored popsicle sticks.

The Kool Aid packets that will not become drinks in this house.

There’s the grapes I snipped down from the vine the other day after a few frosts – wanted to get them before they totally shriveled into oblivion.

There’s the basil seeds (I hope), cilantro seeds, parsley seeds and carrot seeds I snipped the other day with the 4yo and 2yo’s help.

There’s the 8mo and daddy being all cute and goofy.

There’s my MacGuyvering up a contraption to get grape juice.

There’s the sugar crystals that formed in said grape juice when it got a bit too nippy in the garage for it.

There’s part of what the grapes became – 16 quarts of grape juice concentrate, one batch of grape jelly (oh my stars, it’s like candy!), and…

Thanks to my lovely Squeezo, one last batch of grape jam.  You know that smooshy stuff left over in the jelly bag after you let it drip overnight?  I couldn’t bare to toss it out without trying, whoo-hoo for me and my occasional smartness!

Then there’s the start of apple cider – canned 7 quarts and left the rest for our party today.

And finally, the Tattler lids.
One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn’t the same.

Yes, you can plainly tell the difference between a fully sealed lid and one that’s not.  It’s more pronounced in person, too.

To open, I just use the blunt end of this lovely can opener.  Some things just need no improvement – no electric can openers in my house.

Hubby’s all macho and uses his fingers to pry up the Tattler lids.  Boys.  I’m doing just fine using my little handy can opener, thankyouverymuch.  Oh, this sucker, with the blunt end?  Also works fabulous for cracking open the seal on my pressure canner when it’s time to open that as well.  No damage to my precious canner.

One thought on “I’ve slacked on photos

  1. the grapes look SO good! It just makes my mouth water, seriously. thanks for the email… I was just sitting here nursing the babe and look at blogs… I will get back to you when both hands are free!

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