I’m tired.  Hit the farmer’s market, library, grocery store (they had a 5-hour sale).  Then came the big guns – the consignment sale.  I didn’t expect to buy so much, but, well, I didn’t do too bad.

Jeans, footy pajamas and bee costume for the 4yo.  I can’t remember how many jeans/pants and shirts for the 7yo (in sizes 10-14), and some pajamas.

About 4+ pant/shirt outfits for the 2yo girl, and various other shirts/jeans/pants.  Including a few Hanna Andersson.    Even found some HA sock/shoe thingies for the 8mo to wear (yes, I eagle-eyed them until this couple with a 7mo moved on, then snatched them up and ran off to the next rack).  Then to round out the Christmas shopping, I found some goodies.  Several neat books for the 7yo to read, a mostly-complete box of Marble Works, and 3 gallon sized bags full of KNex (that was the most expensive thing!).  Just one more thing to grab for the 4yo for Christmas, and I’m done. 

Oh, and size 6 boots.  For the big boy for next year or the year after.  These boots freakin’ rock my world in this household.


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