Ah, school times…

During school tonight, we were reading a little bit out of a children’s bible.  My 7yo pipes up with “Wow mommy, this book sure knows a lot about God!”  “Yes honey, yes it does.”  *snort*

I still hate to call what we’re doing school though, since he loves it so much.  It’s fun, not the kind of school I remember.  He was begging for spelling earlier, and almost disappointed when I said we were just going to do some reading so the 4yo could listen in.

We’re already about a third of the way done with his packaged curriculum this year.  Um, whoops.  We’ve already read about freeing a baby dragon, The Boxcar Children and their adventures, the birth of Switzerland, all kinds of things.

I’m still not entirely settled into whatever our groove may be, but there’s worse things.  My house isn’t put together, there’s still all kinds of wonky upheaval, etc.  But if you’re nosy like me, here you go.

We’re using Sonlight K as the backbone.  I like checking off boxes for things.  We’ve been doing the reading for Sonlight science stuff, but not the experiments.  I’m juggling enough right now.  Soon.  I’ve also already cast off one book that neither of us got into, so we moved on to something that sucked us in better.

I got All About Spelling, and so far the kiddo loves it.  Loves it.  Flash cards and letter tiles with magnets?  Sold.  I held off seeing whether I really wanted it or not, but finally got it.  About a week or two before hubby quit, so at least there was that.  😉  I’ll have a better grasp/review of it later on as we get into it more and more.  From the reviews I’ve come across, sounds promising.  Especially for my kiddo.

Math.  Just doing manipulatives.  The beans (Get a Grip) (you can totally do your own with empty prescription bottles, lentils, and labels!), pattern blocks, balance scale, Tangrams, counting board, etc.  He just comes up with adding things on his own, and kinda startles us since we haven’t sat him down to force it down him (if that makes sense).  In a year or two we may do something more structured for that, but this works for now.

Science.  We’re reading the Sonlight Science K books, but again, I’m too disorganized to deal with that right now.  I’ve got a copy of this book, and am planning to use that starting later this year and for next year.  A lovely mama on one of the boards I frequent came up with this document that lays it out a little easier for idiots like me – the flow chart in the book just… well, I’m lame, so it confuses me.  I don’t do well with abstract.  We’ve also been checking out random books from the library.  Weather, volcanoes, etc.  I think we’re doing fairly well with growing/outside stuff – he’s been drawing pictures of things growing outside (complete with leaves, the fruit, and underground roots) for well over a year. 

He prefers more concrete things – as of late he draws roads and turn lanes on the driveway in chalk, and with some colored pencils a few months ago he did a very impressive map-like recreation of our neighborhood.  Complete with the garden center with parked cars and the little wagons, the one house on the corner with gravel as a driveway, etc.  It’s still hanging on our fridge.    He hasn’t done much of the drawing a random alien or dragon or whatever.  But that’s all right, he’s doing his own thing.

Handwriting.  Um, whoops.  I have Handwriting Without Tears, Pre-K and K along with a bunch of the manipulatives/hands-on stuff.  I think he’s more in the 1st Grade realm by now though, and yeah, without my prodding so much.  Now I just need to work on him sizing his letters appropriately, and getting the hang of lower-case.


2 thoughts on “Ah, school times…

  1. The hand writing thing comes with time. Eli didn’t get it until he was nine and then suddenly… it was there. we are using a similar style math. i suck at science… I mean I love real science and biology in particular… I’m a Dr. Mom totally… but how to teach that? I have NO idea. I’m not a  natural teacher.

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