Wow. 7 years already. Wow.

Almost amazing we’ve managed to keep him alive for 7 years now!  Between the trying to dart into moving traffic (ugh, you don’t want to know how often that’s happened!) and smash into walls/furniture from not paying attention, yeah.  Wow.

He got 7 red balloons.  Plus a purple and blue for the other two.

This was his big present.  Shocker, he chose green.  Certainly won’t lose sight of that sucker! 

Mmmm…  bundt cake from the sandwich shop down the street.

His other gift.  Yeah, we went simple this year.  I’m good with it. 

Yup, the babe was trying to “help.”

We read the first Boxcar Children book as part of his curriculum this year, and it totally sucked him in.  We’re on #3 for peripheral/leisure reading.  He loves it.

Because that’s what you do with sofa cushions and random blankets.

Ah yes.  I swear, only here will you see this kind of thing.


3 thoughts on “Wow. 7 years already. Wow.

  1. aww Happy Birthday! wasn’t he just 2 when I started reading your blog? I distinctly remember a picture of him in an orange bucket. that was him, right? I’m sorry I never wrote back! It’s not like me. or it didn’t used to be. the kids turned my brain into mush! it feels like oatmeal up there sometimes. That said, I read it and I’ve been praying for you all everytime i think of you. I am really excited about him being home again!!! You guys are so blessed to have a savings like that! absolutely wonderful šŸ™‚

  2. @HennyPenne – Yup, he used that orange 5-gallon Home Depot bucket for all kinds of shenanigans.  Yup, he was only 2.5yo when the next one was born, and that whole pregnancy played out on this blog.  Wow, over 5 years on here.  Wow.  My kids have turned me into unfunctioning mush, too.  šŸ˜¦  The smarts part is to be remedied as we homeschool.  The functioning/emotional part… sigh.  Slowly working on it.  When I’m able/allowed.

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