Jars, jars, and did I mention, jars?

Bi-centennial jars!  How cool!

Next round.  Wish me luck.


8 thoughts on “Jars, jars, and did I mention, jars?

  1. @homesteadtess@perryhillfarm– I have no idea what my jar count is at right now.  Probably well over a thousand – I kept having kids and they keep growing so my count keeps going up.  My aunt has some friends that were cleaning out a basement/garage/barn/all of the above? and asked her if she knew anybody who could use canning jars.  Heh.  My mom got ahold of me and I basically started panting – all three times since the folks kept finding jars as they kept cleaning things out.    All my “new” ones were last used in 93/94 or 84 – those are the dates I’m seeing on the tops of the jars as I crack them open to clean.  Which, btw, storing them with lids on is nice for lack of spiders, but the rust isn’t so much fun.  I still have at least a dozen+ boxes of barn/garage stored jars in my own garage waiting for me to cycle through the dishwasher.  That photo of the dishwasher and counter only had about 50-some jars though, and that barely makes a dent.  I do have a bunch of new-in-packaging jars in the storage unit waiting for their turn as well though – half-gallon which’ll house dry/baking goods, wide mouth half pints that will be good for tuna, you get the idea.  Good thing I didn’t go nuts finding new quart jars, oof.I am just loving the history and neat designs of years gone by though – my own wacky piece of history on my shelves.

  2. Oh, so now I need to write a thank-you note to the friends and tell them if they know anybody else cleaning out a basement/barn to let me know.  Will travel (within reason) for jars.  

  3. very cool jars 🙂 My grandmother used to collect the coolest jars, I have a few around here… but none are usable for anything but decor anymore. I hate canning. I seriously do. I mean I HATE it. I had the most horrible experience that costed me 80$ and a LOT of time and effort and I still have nightmares about it heh. I don’t mind helping a friend, but I have this intense fear of canning along again. I stick to freezing and drying for now.anyhow… what is new???? (besides the jars!)  any news with anything?

  4. @LannaM – it was peaches… it didn’t end up on the ceiling no, instead they unsealed… ALL OF THEM. and before I knew it they were in the basement all green and moldy so I couldn’t even salvage them! It thought i followed the directions but apparently not well enough. that was 10 yrs ago and I am still scared of it.

  5. @HennyPenne – Don’t suppose they were Great Harvest jars?  I did a batch of zucchini relish a few years ago with some new (but washed) Great Harvest jars and those blank lids the jars come with might as well have been a piece of paper.  Despite boiling/heating before using and the hot water bath (I tend to err on the side of more minutes than not), those suckers didn’t seal or unsealed in a matter of months.  Pissed me off.  At least I hated the relish too (and will never make it again), but still.

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