20 Questions

Your turn.  What do you dozen or so folks out there want to know about me? 
I won’t tell you my kids’ names (unless I’ve ‘known’ you for years), or my exact location or anything like that, sorry.  Just to head that off at the pass. 

I’m tired, no real pressing ideas or anything.  Just living life, as weird and up in the air as it may be.  That’s why I’m awake right now.  On my 5th canner load of peaches tonight before heading to bed.  Yes, at 5:30am.  Sigh.  I almost can’t wait until canning season’s over so I can sleep. 
Something that’ll be happening in the next year is a different/new stove for me so I can use the Ashland canner.  Oof.  This is getting old, especially when you cycle through to process so much stuff.  Hah, not to mention that my black speckled canner?  Now has like 4-5 dents on the bottom now, where the enamel has started chipping off, and some spots rust unless I have it scrubbed spotless and dried immediately.  Nope, it’s not used a lot, not at all. 

Vicki (the one I’m not related to), I’ll get photos to you eventually.  Need to reorganize a little down there.
Laura, I totally owe you an email – suffice it to say, holy crap.


3 thoughts on “20 Questions

  1. what did you want to be before you had kids? (a mother? farmer? astronaut? beach bunny?)   and how have your desires changed as you became a mother?where did you mother/father get the name “Lanna”? is it a family name? if you could gain any virtue in the world with no effort, what would it be? now how’s that for philosophical?!  😛

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