Turkeys, bears, canning

In a friend’s neighborhood.  There were also three deer in a yard across from this little park.  It’s like driving through a zoo sometimes.

Those are her “babies” apparently.  They need to be tucked in just like us.

Eating is not a solitary sport to him.  Usually there’s a handful of cars/trucks lurking about, but usually they don’t stand guard around his eggs a la wagon circle like.

I won!  There was a fabulous curriculum giveaway linkup over at Homeschool Creations, and one gal had a McRuffy science set that needed a new home!  Whoohoo!  Thank you so much Emily! 

Garlic lime chicken, and chicken stock.  I’m experimenting (in various nefarious ways).  It happens.

Then came the tomatoes.

Holy crap that was a lot of diced tomatoes.

And then came the pears.  I’m still not done with pears.  Or peaches.

Still kinda burnt out from that day of 60 quarts of pears since my Ashland canner doesn’t fit on my stove.    The kids and I spent the day in our pajamas and didn’t do squat.  I’m trying to get caught up as I type – aiming to get two dishwasher loads through tonight, and be in bed before 2am.


3 thoughts on “Turkeys, bears, canning

  1. Your blog is one of my favorite reads! Your life is fascinating and amazing! My question– did you and your husband grow up with canning/gardening households, or is this something that is different from your families of origin?

  2. I hope you are enjoying the McRuffy Science curriculum.  🙂  I am envious of your canning.  I love to can, but I never make the time.  Where do you get your produce to can?  Even shopping the sales I don’t think the grocery store is a better deal than pre-canned food.  Not that that is the only reason to can, the quality is a big factor, too.  I’ve never canned chicken or stock, always froze it.  Do you like it canned better?

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