You ever just have all kinds of weird shit happen?

Yeah, again.  I swear, we’re a magnet for weird, unexpected crap.  No explanations until I know which end is up.  And who the hell knows, it could be another year or two of limbo.  Sigh.

When my friend was over the other day.  Her little girl is somewhere around 2mo I think?  She was 6lbs at birth (I refused to touch her because I was afraid I’d drop her – none of my were that little except in-utero), now around 9lbs or so.  So they were having a baby stare-down before mine got all grabby.  He is a boy. 

Mostly for the hubby. 

One of the 6yo’s latest.  He’s recognizing/reading/whatever more and more words.  It’s kind of a trip.  This was drawn on a Tuesday. 

The girl was down for a nap, and so the boys played.  6mo tried his hand at playing “Baby Godzilla.”

Such little hams. 


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