More [photos] for the hubby…

He sure looks all sweet and innocent, eh?

We went to the fair today.  6yo wouldn’t shut up about it.  Yes, I was quite the sight with the babe on my back, the 2yo in the stroller, and the 4yo and 6yo trailing around somewhere in lime green shirts.  We saw sheep and chickens and rabbits and goats and cows and horses.  We saw flowers and baseball bat zucchini and carnival rides and Usborne books and hot dogs and jams and cakes and cookies and even a Star Wars quilt (why yes, I do have a photo I forgot to resize).  We survived.  My eyeball sockets hurt, so I’m a bit tired.  May need to track down a grange at some point when we figure out what the heck’s going on.  For us to hang out with/at/whatever.  My grandma was beloved at her grange, and I was over at that run down green building (not quite lime green – think crazy forest service truck green) many many times.

An example raised bed at the fair.

Neat design.

Slick looking truck sides I saw today upon leaving the fairgrounds. 
I like the clippy-thing and strong wire setup…

A much cleaner look than what we currently have on the truck.

Eh, not the most flattering, but I figure I should be in more than two photos with the kids a year. 
Because really, I don’t exist in photo land.

A normal smile from my 6yo!  Shocker.

She likes having hissy fits.  Especially if the camera’s out.  Heh.

Nope, this girl doesn’t have opinions.  Not at all.

2 thoughts on “More [photos] for the hubby…

  1. I think the second picture of you is actually really cute! But I know what you mean. I sometimes think if I died there would be no photographic evidence of my existence in the last couple of yrs. I don’t hide from the camera purposefully – just seems I’m never in the pictures. maybe I’m behind the camera? maybe I’m busy? I don’t know…

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