Lots of them

I still think he’s taller than most first-graders would be.  He’s huge!

A nice lady has seen the boys out front playing/drawing on the driveway the last few weeks, and stopped by to give us a second construction hat.  Methinks she works at the CAT store that was built where hubby’s old company’s office was. 

I try.  Doesn’t really work out well, but I try.


3 thoughts on “Lots of them

  1. oh my goodness are they cute! and those dresses!  I love them. I can’t get Eva to wear dresses anymore, only skirts (she has a sensory thing about dresses now) anyhow too cute! they have all gotten so big!

  2. How sweet!  I haven’t followed you blog for that long but,,,those children are gowing so fast! I missed posting on your lasst concerning the score of school tools.  That was great, the older things have less commercial distraction..no cartoon drawings etc. 

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