It’s peach time

Right now I have 38 quarts and 7 pints of peaches on the counter. 

I need to wash and de-sticky them, then off to the pantry they go. 

This is what they looked like before – but a few of the boxes were sold off to friends.  😀

Still have 50lbs of nectarines to get through, hopefully will get a start on that tomorrow.

I still need to blanch these and throw them in the dehydrator.  Sigh.

And to add to the bummed-ness, I can’t use my huge Amish canner yet.  See the edge there?

Here’s a better close up.

Waaah.  I can’t really use it, at least not until hubby’s back in town.  Because if I break the stove?  I need him here to replace it.  Don’t really want to go without a range/oven for several weeks, you know.  Would be so entirely handy for all the stuff I need to can this year, though.

The desk, the desk, the desk is finally gone!!!!!  I’d hated that corner desk of hubby’s practically since we got married.  It was a giant, heavy, behemoth of a thing, was [badly] laminated particleboard, and yeah.  I prefer more compact or at least movable things.  I may not rearrange furniture every month like some folks, but I sure like the option of rearranging rooms to make things work better for me.

After I finish the canning and go huckleberry picking, I need to work on this room.  Tape up those boxes in the middle of the room (seriously, I filled up at least 5-6 boxes from all the stuff in that desk!!), finish cleaning up places I hadn’t been able to reach since we moved in almost 7 years ago, and rearrange this room for the kids’ “homeschool room” as the 6yo calls it.

Maybe I’m in a funk, maybe I’m overwhelmed, whatever.  I’m getting sick of mama drama crap, enough to where it almost seems like a better idea to stay at home all the time and never leave.  And I’m on the freakin’ sideline watching things go down (most of which I don’t even understand).  Making friends is hard enough, and then there’s folks stuck in the drama-filled middle school/high school crap.  Ugh.

But then there’s folks like some of my online friends.  This one in particular I’ve met, and sometimes she comes across something groovy.  Like these old (old!) school Learning Wrap-Ups. 

Just look at the date on the instructions!  Mwahaha.  So cool.

Started semi-officially homeschooling two weeks ago. 
Not sure whether I mentioned it or not on here. 
I bought Sonlight’s Core K used for a pretty decent price. 
Right now I need the “read these pages in this book and that chapter in that book” kind of guidance right now, as much as the unschooling thing appeals to me.  I’ve already set aside one book in the curriculum that neither of us got into, and I’m not so fond of it anyway.  I’m adding in other fun books to read, so it’s all good.  Although I am slightly worried about how on earth I’m going to juggle this kind of thing with 2, 3, and 4 kids all doing “school.”   I hate to really call it school because it’s not sitting down in a classroom and being silent and it’s not boring or un-fun…   Heck, a few nights this week after I got the babe, 2yo and 4yo in bed, the 6yo and I would do some [school] reading while he folded his laundry or the kitchen towels.  Multi-tasking at it’s best. 

I don’t quite have the energy/organization to do the little science projects yet, but the 6yo is totally grooving on all the read-aloud stuff.  He loved, loved, loved The Boxcar Children and we finished that book like a week ahead of schedule.  So Boxcar Children #2 has been requested from the library for me to pick up tomorrow, plus I’ve borrowed the audio version of BFG from the library as well so we can read along with the book with that one.  I’m sneaky that way.  Flat Stanley has also been well liked.  Then there’s the usual round up of standard picture books…  The 4yo is currently enthralled with The Little Engine That Could, the 2yo is just in love with “Boom Boom!” (aka Chicka Chicka Boom Boom).  They all love the Virginia Burton stories (Mike Mulligan, Katy the Snowplow, Mabel the Cable Car, The Little House), Harry the Dirty Dog is a favorite, and so on. 

It’s still a struggle for me to read and get super excited about it (thanks Mrs. Hackbarth for killing my love of devouring books!), but I’m hoping I can get it set aside enough that I don’t pass that on to the kids or anything.

3 thoughts on “It’s peach time

  1. Sounds like everything is coming along.  You know James loved that Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book.  It was funny though he thought the coconut on the front cover looked like poo poo.  We had a lot of fun joking about that.  🙂

  2. woohoo peaches!  you’ve got a bit more than I do though.  how is canning going on a ceramic stovetop?  I need a new stove and while I really liked my ceramic top that I used to have, I read it can be bad for canners because they can break the stovetop.  any truth in that?  I’d really like to do more canning so I’m trying to figure out what kind of stove to get.  

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