Truckin’ along

5.5mo now.  So darned cute.  Despite the two razor sharp bottom teeth he’s had for a few weeks now.

Why yes, yes he is up on all fours.  Rockin’ out.

And really mad that he can’t purposefully follow his older brothers and sister.

So UPS finally came by with my Rainbow Resource order. 
If you have kids (regardless of how you educate them) and you haven’t ever heard of them? 
Go order their free catalog.  Now.  I’ll wait.

Oh yes.  Hands on goodies aplenty.
The boys immediately wanted to “play” with stuff. 
All right, go right on ahead with comparing how many blue ones vs. red ones do things in the balance scale. 

The 6yo’s construction vehicles.  (They’re redoing the highway.  Where we see steam rollers quite frequently.)

The 6yo’s “house.”

The 4yo’s “flying spaceships!”

The 6yo’s “bee hive honeycomb.”   The red ones are the bees that live in the honeycomb.  That promptly started chasing siblings around the dining/living room, the blue bees started on the offense, and giggles ensued.


4 thoughts on “Truckin’ along

  1. you’re kicking my butt on homeschool things! my word! seriously… you got yourself a nice little school going! I don’t have a 1/3 that stuff! you go Lanna! 🙂  (off to order some more stuff…. heh)

  2. @HennyPenne – I’m planning ahead what with four of them and all – if something doesn’t work for the 6yo, odds are it’ll work for one of the others.  😉  Plus, you know, hs’ing stuff is pretty much all I can control in my life right now, so yeah.  I ordered way too many tanagrams sets (I figured we lose a handful of pieces over the years though), but other than that…@Jacqueline718 – Seriously, I was shocked with how inexpensive the balance was – like $11-something.  The buckets come off to be washed if/as need be because you can do liquids or solids in those suckers.  I’m a happy camper so far.

  3. Looks like you have a great collection started!  I love it when kids learn thru play.  Isaiah loved learning shape names and would say things like the circle can or triangle cheese…made him feel like a “big Kid”  My daughter went thru her house and taped words on each item, door, fridge, drawer, cabinet etc…she made learning to read fun for him and he insists on “his” reading time before bed now. 

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